Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion LogoThe Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) is a world wide association of over 120 institutions of higher education that were founded by and retain ties to a branch of the Anglican Communion. Along with its predecessor, Association of Episcopal Colleges (AEC) that consists mostly of the Episcopal colleges in the US, CUAC is committed to promoting cross-cultural contacts and educational programs. With institutions on all five continents, CUAC was founded for the exchange of ideas, for the development of programs among member institutions, and for our mutual support that we might better serve our students, our societies, and the world. As a global network of Colleges and Universities we strive to assist faculty and students to become better global citizens of our diverse world.

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2014 CUAC Triennial Conference, Seoul, Korea

2014 CUAC Triennial Conference Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, Korea July 5-11

Post-Triennial Chaplains' Conference July 11-13

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Dr Rowan Williams Annual CUAC Lecture

In 2012, CUAC launched an annual international lecture series in honour of Dr Rowan Williams' ten years as Archbishop of Canterbury. Delivered by an Anglican luminary from locations rotating among the regions of CUAC's chapters, the annual lecture seeks to strengthen the identity of Anglican universities around the world-a global voice seeking the commonalities of Anglican higher education in its diverse cultural settings. On-demand video of the most recent lecture is available below, with video and transcripts of previous lectures archived under the tab 'CUAC Lectures'.

'TransAnglican Identities and Christian University Education' - On-demand video of the 2013 Dr Rowan Williams Annual CUAC Lecture by the Revd Dr Sathianathan Clarke

Download the lecture transcript as a PDF document here

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Compass Points June 2014

Compass Points june 2014

  • Sungkonghoe University: 100 years of Anglican identity and service to the Korean people
  • Horizons: CUAC General Secretary reflects
  • Navigating the Triennial: There's an App for that!
  • Tribute to Putnam P. Flint "Put", 1918-2014
  • Edwardes College, Pakistan, struggles against government takeover