Why CUAC Membership?

CUAC is essentially a communication and collaboration network that links all the Anglican-related colleges world-wide. It is autonomous in governance and self-supporting in finance, based on the presence and contributions of participating colleges.

CUAC provides for its members forms of communication through the Internet, through Newsletters, through academic journals, and through both national and international conferences. All these activities help CUAC institutional and individual members to uncover and pursue opportunities in global education, faculty and student exchange. CUAC colleges create joint programmes in cross cultural discovery, in community and service learning, and in educational and cultural aide for developing nations. Exchange of students, faculty and administrators is a constant activity of members institutions, both to support but also to enrich and broaden each college or university.

CUAC strives to promote the ideals of Christian education in the global world through the dialogues, exchanges and joint projects among our members. We pay special attention to the role of Chaplains in the settings of a contemporary University.

CUAC has begun to contact and gather all Anglican theological schools and programs world-wide, to enable them to operate in the same sort of support network as that of current CUAC institutions of higher education.

CUAC is an official "Network" of the Anglican Communion, recognized by the Anglican Consultative Council, and makes the information of its activities available to all educational institutions of the Communion.

Who May Become CUAC Member?

  • An institution that has historical links to the Anglican Communion
  • An Anglican Chaplain of a University
  • An individual

Institutional Members

A qualifying institution is any college or university that is associated by history and tradition with the Anglican Communion. Membership assumes payment of an annual membership fee, as set by the Corporation of the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion. Each institution has one vote at the annual meeting of the association. Each institution designates which of its administration, faculty, or staff are to participate in the association, and who is to vote on behalf of the institution. The chart below reflects the membership fee level as determined at the Board of Trustees meeting 2019.

 Institution Enrollment*  Membership Fees (US$)
 2,000 students or more  $ 2510
 1,500 to 2000 students  $ 1890
 1,000 to 1,500 students  $ 1260
 500 to 1,000 students  $ 650
 250 to 500 students  $ 330
 less than 250 students  $ 180


India Chapters

 Institution Enrollment*

 Membership Fees (US$)

 2,000 students or more

 $ 420

 1,000 to 1,999 students

 $ 310

 999 below

 $ 220


* Student numbers are for full time equivalents i.e. students carrying a full course load.

The fees listed in the above table represent minimum contribution. Additional contributions are appreciated.

Individual Members

Individuals who support the mission and purposes of the association, and have some connection with the Anglican Communion and/or the colleges and universities of the Anglican Communion, are eligible to be members and participate actively in the association. Such individuals can be elected to the offices of the association. Such individuals can be elected to the offices of the assiciation.

Individual Member fee is $140 USD.