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Dr. Lilian I Jasper - December 2020 Trustee Indaba

19 January 2021

Dr. Lilian I Jasper - December Trustee Indaba

Dr. Lilian I Jasper, the Principal of Women’s Christian College (Chennai), observes that "...there is suffering and pain…but how do we (at CUAC) teach people to overcome adversities?"

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Revd Mark Garner - Reflection on Moving House

23 November 2020

Revd Mark Garner - Reflection on Moving House

CUAC Trustee Indaba - June 2020 Meetings of CUAC’s Voting Trustees begin with an Indaba from a board member reflecting on their experiences in Anglican higher education to open sharing and discussion.

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October 2020 Trustee Indaba by Linda Lankewicz - 'Twenty-One Year CUAC Journey'

21 October 2020

October 2020 Indaba by Linda Lankewicz

Linda shares photos and memories of her over twenty years with CUAC!

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September Trustee Indaba by Peter Neil - 'We All Breathe the Same Air'

18 September 2020

Peter Neil's Indaba

'We All Breathe the Same Air'

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A Hero's Journey: Dr. Linda Armstrong Chisholm

11 August 2019

A Hero's Journey

Dr. Linda Armstrong Chisholm’s mastery of service-learning for collegians not only led to cofounding in 1982 with Howard Berry the International Partnership for Service-Learning, but to publication in 2000 of her seminal guide Charting A Hero’s Journey (International Partnership for Service Learning, 2000).   Now with her death, it is appropriate to reflect on charting her life journey itself. In the book’s introduction, she quotes Joseph Campbell: The hero… is the man or woman who has been able to battle past his personal and local historical limitations…Such a one’s vision, ideas and aspirations… are eloquent, not of the present disintegrating society and psyche, but of the unquenched source through which society is reborn. His solemn task and deed… is to return… to us, transfigured, and teach the lesson he has learned of life renewed. (from The Hero with a Thousand Faces.)

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