'Holy Normal' by The Rt Revd Prince Singh

7 May 2021

The Rt Revd Prince Singh - April Trustee Indaba

CUAC Trustee Indaba -- 14th April 2021

Meetings of CUAC’s Voting Trustees begin with an Indaba from a board member reflecting on their experiences in Anglican higher education to open sharing and discussion.  

Holy Normal

Where will we go from this global pandemic of COVID? How will we tackle the multiple pandemics of casteism, violence, climate, and self-care in the future? What is Holy Normal? The word “Kadosh” in Hebrew means something sacred, “different,” or “other” (set apart) - the exact opposite of something familiar. The phrase “holy normal” is an oxymoron of sorts, where differentiation is normalized. Easter is a theological intersection of the harsh realism of brokenness and the insatiable practice of beloved community here on earth, as it is in heaven. 

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