CUAC 2022 Online Seminar VI



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  An Anglican College or University is not just a convenient institution through which to market educational products to customers. It is above all a community, a community of learning, research and support. The way we relate together shapes the formation of our students and models the kind of society we strive to create, including how we relate to the natural world.  At a time when the Covid pandemic has rightly increased attention paid to mental wellbeing, how can we seek to build flourishing communities that nurture and support their members to achieve the best of which they are able?  

Moderated by the Revd Dr Jeremy T. Law, Dean of Chapel, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, and drawing on voices from around the CUAC community.

Panellists 3-3


Seminar Resources: 

Presentation Slides - click on image to download

  • Revd Dr Jeremy Law

 Jeremy 's Slides
  • Revd Nita Byrd     

  Nita Byrd OS6
  • Dr Gisela Luna

 Gisela Luna OS6
  • Revd Gill Reeve

  Gill Reeve OS6