Compass Points

Compass Points is the official newsletter of the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion. It is generally published on-line two or three times per year in a computer printable PDF format. Each edition is sent to all member institutions and also to any persons or institutions who wish to receive copies of the publication.

The newsletter publishes news from all member institutions and also news of member churches around the Anglican Communion which would be of interest to members. (Send news releases to [email protected])

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Compass Points also publishes book reviews and articles in the field of higher education. Normally the first edition following the International Conference held every three years (the 'Triennial') publishes the main Plenary Presentations of the Conference. The first such integrated edition of Compass Points for the 2008 Triennial is available here


Archived CUAC Newsletters

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Compass Points 2023 May

Compass Points 2023 February

Compass Points 2022 September

Compass Points 2022 May

Compass Points 2022 February

Compass Points 2021 November

Compass Points 2021 September

Compass Points 2021 May

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Compass Points 2020 October

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Compass Points Volume 21:3 (October 2019)

Compass Points Volume 21:2 (June 2019)

Compass Points Volume 20:1 (March 2019)

Compass Points Volume 20:1 (Summer 2018)

Compass Points Volume 19.2 (Fall 2017)

Compass Points Volume 19:1 (Spring 2017)

Compass Points Volume 18:3 (October 2016)

Compass Points Volume 18:2 (June 2016)

Compass Points Volume 18:1 (Feb 2016)

Compass Points Volume 17:1 (August 2015)

Compass Points Volume 16:3 (December 2014)

Compass Points Volume 16:2 (June 2014)

Compass Points Volume 16:1 (February 2014)

Compass Points Volume 15:2 (July 2013)

Compass Points Volume 15:1 (March 2013)

Compass Points Volume 14:4 (November 2012)

Compass Points Volume 14:3 (June 2012)

Compass Points Volume 14:2 (April 2012)

Compass Points Volume 14:1 (Jan 2012)

Compass Points Volume 13:1 (October 2011)

Compass Points Volume 12:3 (September 2010)

Compass Points, Volume 12:2 (May 2010)

Compass Points, Volume 12:1 (Jan 2010)

Compass Points, Volume 11:1 (Michaelmas 2009)

Compass Points, Volume 10:1 (Michaelmas 2008)

Compass Points, Volume 9:2 (Advent 2007)

Compass Points, Volume 9:1 (Lent 2007)

Compass Points, Volume 8:2 (Advent 2005)

Compass Points: Volume 8:1 (Easter 2005)


Occasional Papers

A joint publication of Whitelands College, University of Roehampton, London, UK, and CUAC (Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion)

Cuac Occasional Papers




From 1999 to 2005, CUAC published a referred journal entitled 'Prologue'. It focused on the issues, trends, opportunities, and challenges of international Anglican higher education. With contributors and readers on five continents, Prologue offered diverse perspectives on the unique mission of church-related colleges and universities throughout the world. Because of the cost of publication, the CUAC Board of Trustees suspended publication in 2008. It was decided that CUAC's Newsletter/Magazine Compass Points would henceforth publish both news and formal papers to the CUAC community. The first integrated edition was published in Volume 10:1 of Compass Points.

Reprints of all issues of Prologue are available from CUAC for a nominal fee plus international postage.